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秉承“专业服务质量”的经营理念,英华 在每一次的合作中提供超越客户期待的服务,建立信任,成为彼此长期稳定的合作伙伴。

A famous investment bank in the United States:

A famous investment bank in the United States

    OES has provided fast and professional services for many of our translation projects. In fact, they provide a comprehensive service for translation and typesetting, which is a great advantage. It's great to work with them    

A listed company in HKEX:

A listed company in HKEX

    Because we have many technical data sheets that need to be published and updated in English and Chinese, translation work has been very hard for us.OES has given us great help in consulting, translation, inspection, desktop publishing and so on.Their work is very effective and professional. We are very satisfied.    

A software service provider in the United States:

A software service provider in the United States

    Although our schedules have changed a lot during the project, your team has ensured that everything is going well. And you show the organization and professionalism that we expect to see from OES.    

A large investment bank in China:

A large investment bank in China

    You can always meet our very challenging timetable, which is admirable. The quality of translation is very good in all aspects.    

The world's famous think tank:

    Very professional and comprehensive.
I enjoyed working with this company on my latest translation project. There were no issues with quality or deadlines. Everyone I spoke to at the company was courteous and friendly. They get my full endorsement.    

Top 10 law firms of the world:

    I use online translations services all the time. The quality usually leaves something to be desired. In this case, your company handled at EN-CN translation involving a legal contract with very difficult terminology. The results were excellent. You are the best translation company I have used yet. Great job!    

Global accounting firm:

    I really appreciate all your help on my translation project. I got the job back on time and there were no errors. I appreciate that everything was done over the internet – including payment. That really helped me out. I will use you again.    

Financial PR agency:

    We have a great relationship with this company.We have been using them to handle all our in-house translations for at least five years. Our company needs documents, outlines and sometimes specific correspondences translated in order to communicate effectively with our various partner/clients.They do good.    

Global consultancy group:

    This company is my favorite translation provider. I use them almost weekly to translate materials from English to Chinese. They have provided me with a volume-based discount on multiple occasions and I have saved a considerable amount of money. This is very important to me because I run a small business and I can’t afford to pay the rates that other translations companies charge. The quality here is as good – or better – than what I have received elsewhere when paying much, much more.
I highly recommend this company.    

Leading virtual data room provider:

    We have had nothing but good results using this company to translate our materials into Chinese for use in mainland China. Quality is good and rates are quite reasonable.
Strongly endorsed.    

Famous public affairs and investment group:

    Good results with this company for their translation. They are professional and on-time. Great    

OES (HK) Co., Limited, Chinese professional translation company


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